Vision for McGregor

The community of McGregor shares a vision that helps develop an appreciation for the city.

Sense of Community & Quality of Life

Whether it's improving parks, providing new opportunities for families to enjoy community life, or simply listening to the needs of the citizens, building a strong sense of community and bringing forth quality of life will help make McGregor a more enjoyable place to live.

Quality Housing

In the past year, McGregor developed its first large subdivision in decades. The next development will be a subdivision of middle and upper-middle class homes. The goal is to provide the necessary housing infrastructure for the job-seekers that choose to work in McGregor. Downtown is accessible by walking from the housing developments.

Public Safety & Code Enforcement

A clean community is a respected community. The McGregor Police Department is working diligently to keep out crime and keep citizens secure…cleaning up neighborhoods and following every lead to its logical end. The Code Enforcement Team is doing the same by enforcing quality standards that help to keep property values on the upward trend and help take pride in the community.

Wellness Recreation

Projects are continuously underway that will help to turn McGregor parks into destination places for many across the county. An 18-hole Disc Golf Course is being developed for Amsler Park (with short and long throws). Thanks to the McGregor Economic Development Corporation, McGregor’s three main parks (Amsler, Bewley and Kasting) now have brand new play equipment, tables and trash receptacles. Walking trails are being improved, the ballfields have been renovated and look fantastic, and the Launch Pad Park was dedicated in 2019.

Main Street & Economic Development

Without investment, communities cannot grow and thrive. McGregor has chosen to invest in business retention and expansion efforts to support local businesses as they develop and grow. McGregor uses a strategy of investment to attract industries and assists in growth. The EDC invested in the building of The Exchange Event Center. McGregor businesses continue to develop downtown. The Mega Site Certification process is complete and the Industrial Park is a major economic benefit to businesses looking to grow and expand.

Infrastructure Improvements

Quality streets, updated water lines, free flowing waste-water infrastructure…all things that a community must have to be viable and successful. McGregor is investing in the right people and the right tools to make sure the community implements infrastructure improvements.

Education Improvements

Superintendent James Lenamon has kept McGregor ISD at the “tip of the spear”. McGregor ISD is growing and expanding opportunities for students while providing cutting edge education. McGregor ISD improves each year with record growth in 2019.  Teachers, staff and administrators are applauded for their diligence in providing the best education possible for students.