Rocket Federal Credit Union

RFCU experienced an increase in community awareness

In 2017, Rocket Federal Credit Union made the decision to increase it’s McGregor Chamber membership to the highest level. RFCU made the decision for three reasons:

  • For 90 years, the McGregor Chamber has been a leading force for economic development, and RFCU wanted to make sure the resources were available to continue the development

  • The realization of “a rising tide raises all ships” and the importance for every business in the community to work together

  • RFCU’s desire to become a larger part of the McGregor Chamber

"We highly recommend becoming as high a level member as you can and get involved as much as possible, so you can utlilize all the Chamber has to offer. ”

Terry Sloan - CEO

Benefits of increasing membership

Heighten community awareness through networking and frequent visibility

Connect to the to McGregor business community in order to make informed decisions about the future with the current business climate in mind.

McGregor Chamber increases social media audience reach 

Since increasing the membership, Rocket Federal Credit Union increased assets by $1.5M, increased loans by $4.2M, and the board of directors approved a $1.5M renovation. The McGregor Chamber supported RFCU 's expansion. Becoming a high level member allows utilization of all McGregor Chamber benefits.