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The Rhett Revolution was organized in honor of Rhett Hering with the hope of supporting and uplifting others in the community of McGregor, Texas and beyond. The spirit of the non-profit organization comes from a boy known to many as Rhett Jett. He lived his life wide-open, looking for adventures and people to share them with. He made everyone feel loved and accepted along the way. Rhett noticed the ones in the shadows and embraced and protected those that didn’t feel they had a voice. The engine that powered Rhett’s joyous and giving lifestyle was his faith and one-of-a-kind relationship with Jesus. As he wrote in his 5th Grade Journal, Rhett was “thankful for Jesus Christ who died and rose from the grave to free us from our sins.” Powered by that same love, The RR hopes to help and support children in the community and grieving parents that have experienced the loss of a child. Rhett said things like “Go Somewhere and Be Somebody!” He said to “Expect BIG Things!” So now we hope to Go Somewhere and Be Somebody, and we really do Expect BIG Things! It will be an adventure that somehow, in some way, Rhett will be a part of! Would you like to join us? No matter how big or small it seems, share some love and kindness with others. Notice and say hello to someone in the shadows. Have the courage to stand up and be brave. Speak up when someone else can’t. Go somewhere! Be somebody!