Greatest Smalltown Luncheon Recap: “Reputation Management” with Chip Wilson

On May 19, members of the McGregor Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture attended our monthly Greatest Smalltown Luncheon. This month we heard from Chip Wilson, CEO of 360Solutions, a Waco-based firm that provides business strategy and growth support, leadership training and development, as well as full service marketing services.

Chip spoke to our local business owners and operators on Reputation Management, which is the practice of influencing perceptions about an organization, brand, or person. Central to the practice of reputation management is trust. When evaluating your or your businesses reputation, you can ask yourself:

  • Am I acting from a well-defined set of guiding principles or values?
  • Am I consistent and predictable in behavior?
  • Do I keep commitments and do what I say I will do?
  • Am I able to produce agreed upon results?
  • Do I understand the point of view of others?
  • Do I seek win/win outcomes in transactions with others?

Members also evaluated the different elements of the value pyramid and walked through a SWOT analysis overview.

The McGregor Chamber of Commerce hosts the Greatest Small Town Luncheon the 4th Thursday of every month. This luncheon series is focused on providing relevant professional development related topics to benefit the local business owners and operators in our community. We hope to see you next month!

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