Annual Awards

The McGregor Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize the individuals and businesses who have made a significant impact on our community.

Citizen of the Year

Started in 1977

Awarded annually, the Citizen of the Year award is given to an individual who has made a significant impact and change to our local community.

1977—Thomas E. Mooney 

1978—Martha Moyer 

1979—G.W. Lee 

1980—Olin Tippit 

1981—Raymond Collins 

1982—Frances Hudson 

1983—Frank Graves 

1984—Felix Morris 

1985—Sam Amsler, Jr. 

1986—Linnie Dennis 

1987—Bert Lee 

1988—Bill Zacharias 

1989—Frank Leos 

1990—Clara Russell 

1991—Monyene Stearns 

1992—Diane Lauterbach 

1993—Gary Hannemann 

1994—Margaret Smith 

1995—Mark and Aurelia Newton

1996—Bonnie Mullens 

1997—Joe Raibourn 

1998—Dean Elliott 

1999—Barbara Klein 

2000—Alice Wilson 

2001—Moe Spradley 

2002—Van Smith 

2003—Lisa Hudson 

2004—Betty Crelia 

2005—Jimmy Hering 

2006—David Neyhard 

2007—Kerry Arseneaux 

2008—Carla Vallejo 

2009—Charlene Elliott 

2010—Lavonne Westbrook 

2011—Smead Employees 

2012—Teresa Sneed 

2013—Lewis Westbrook and Andrew Henderson 

2014—John Sneed 

2015—Charlie and Mary Jo Williams 

2016  – Paul Allison

2017  – Kevin Houchin

2018 – Terry Arp

2020 – Kyle Paschall

2022- Jim & Stacy Lilley

Outstanding Farmer or Agribusiness

Started in 2001

In recognition of our rich Agricultural roots, this award is presented to a Farmer or Agribusiness for their achievements or advancements made within their field.

2001—Jerry Niemeier 

2002—Eugene Wiethorn 

2003—Kevin Huffman 

2004—David Smith 

2005—Sidney Kasting 

2006—Rodney Schmalriede

2008—Edward Fehler 

2010—Jimmy Westerfeld 

2011—Gene Manske 

2013—Bob Hering 

2014—Lisa Hall 

2015—Mark Wiethorn 

2016 – Gene Manske (In Memorium)

Chairman's Award

Started in 2001

Awarded at the discretion of the Chairman of the Board.

2001—Jerry Niemeier 

2002—Charlene Elliott

2008—Fred Massucio

2010—Karen Spradley 

2012—Frank Leos 

2013—McGregor EMS

2021- Kevin Evans, Andrew Smith

Volunteer Recognition

Awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors for Volunteers at the end of their career of service.

2014—Kevin Houchin, Kevin Evans, Teresa Sneed, Jon Mark Smith, Frank Leos 

2015—Mike Olson 

2017 – McGregor Movement

2020 – David Littlewood

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Started in 2000

Awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors to individuals who have made a significant impact to our local community throughout their lifetime.

2000—Byron “Bud” Davis, 

2001 Frank Graves 

2002—Dr. Gene and Carrol Robertson

2008—Gene Klein 

2009—Joe Paschall 

2011—Dick Fox 

2012—Tom Kirk 

2013—Martha Moyer 

2014—Moe Spradley 

2015—Dick Fox 

2017 –  Frank Leos

2018 – Bonnie Mullens

2021- Charles Mooney

Community Partner

Started in 2007

Awarded annually to an individual or business who’s partnership has greatly advanced the mission and vision of the McGregor Chamber.

2007—John McClaren 

2008—First National Bank 

2009—McGregor ISD 

2010—The Mirror 

2011—Smead Manufacturing


2013—MISD Teachers 

2014— no recipient 

2015—The Mirror 

2016 –  Magnolia 

2017 –  Irene’s Flowers & Gifts

2018 –  The Vibe Main Street Marketplace:  Scott and Jackie Toby

2020- Rocket Federal Credit Union

2021- 360 Solutions 

Impact Award

Started in 2022

Awarded by nomination from our membership to individuals who have made an impact on our local community or citizens.

February 2022 – Vickie Squyres,
TFNB Your Bank For Life